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New American Play Submissions

The Wandering Theatre Company is looking to connect with new American Playwrights who are creating work that aligns with our company's mission statement.  

We are currently accepting submissions of plays that adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Playwright must be American or in process of becoming an American
  • The work should be of a heightened style i.e. Memory Play, Surreal, Absurd, Plays with Time, ect. (No "slice of life" realism please.) 
  • The work should (in some way) examine/comment/explore/investigate American historical events, trends, societal issues and culture in order to examine why they occured, what effect it had, and what effect it is still having on American society and individual citizens.
  • Plays with ensemble casts are preferred, but not mandatory. However, plays MUST have a cast of at least 7. There is no max limit on cast sizes.