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The Wandering Theatre Company is a collection of theatre artists dedicated to creating and sharing American ensemble theatre.  Our goal is to develop a strong American theatrical identity, creating new American plays and re-inventing established plays in order to further examine societal issues affecting American culture and people.  Through our work we investigate American historical events, trends, societal issues and culture in order to examine why they occurred, what effect it had, and what effect it is still having on American society and individual citizens.  We are a movement based company using The Viewpoint Technique in our creation process.

We are dedicated to sharing our work with the world by utilizing the following steps:

To train together as a company in order to constantly be in a state of growth as artists and to form a common theatrical language. 

To rehearse together as a company in order to build a strong ensemble relationship; which will create both an individual connection to the material and a shared group experience.

To perform new pieces of theatre created by The Wandering Theatre Company in addition to reinventing established works.

To travel together, domestically and internationally, as an American company to share our art with the world. It is our goal to be an American force on the international stage. The Wandering Theatre Company believes in inspiring the world and being inspired by it!