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Join Our Creative Team 

Become a Wanderer...Join the Team

The Wandering Theatre Company is looking for creative individuals who are interested in expanding their portfolios and who are dedicated to their art.  We are looking for artists that are not only talented, but positive people who enjoy collaboration and who can assist with bringing our director's unique theatrical visions to life.  There is a small artist stipend given for each of these positions.  

We are currently seeking:

Costume Designers - We would love to work with an artist who can not only design a show, but who also has the skill to create/make costume pieces. Our company does have a costume stock that is available for designers to pull from and adjust/re-invent.  Designers must be able to work within a budget.

Make-up Artists - We are looking for artists that can create makeup looks for actors and apply looks for performances and photoshoots.

Set Designer - We are looking for a highly artistic set designer, a creative thinker and innovator; Someone who has a lot of artistic integrity and pride in their work. We are seeking someone who can not only design the production on paper, but someone who also has the skill to be able to construct their design.  It is important that the designer be able to draft a digital model of the set, create an actual to scale model OR be able to create sketches of their design to present to the director and production team.  

Sound Designer - We are looking for someone who is able to work closely with our director on production sound design.  Individual must be able to edit sound and work with QLAB.

Stage Management Team - We are looking for extremely organized individuals, who are patient, who keep extremely detailed rehearsal/staging notes, and are great communicators - with both Production Team & Actors.  We are seeking both a Production Stage Manager as well as two Assistant Stage Managers.

Videographer - We are looking for someone who is interested in docu-film, who might be interested in webisodes and documentary style filming.

Assistant Directors -  We are looking for young directors who are interested in ensemble theatre work and/or Viewpoint work. We need an individual who can assist our director during productions; Someone who is an excellent note taker, someone who is technologically savvy, passionate and a team player.

Please email wanderingcreativeteam@gmail.com to setup an interview.