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Donations in Kind

Donate your old belongings and help us create Art!


We at Wandering travel a lot!  Whether it is transporting actors or sets going to performances or photoshoots, we could really put your old autos to good use!  Do you have a passenger van or cargo van that you no longer need?  Or how about an old car that you want to get rid of?  Have an old RV that no longer runs?  WE WOULD LOVE IT!  We can certainly put these to good use - Please email us at WanderingDonations@gmail.com


Do you have old Vintage clothes that you would love to see onstage in a play?  Or is your Theatre Company getting rid of old costume stock to make room for new ones?  We happily accept costume donations from ALL time periods, in ALL sizes!  Please email us at WanderingDonations@gmail.com

Props/Set Pieces

Looking to get rid of old silverware, knick-knacks, household items, chairs, books, (basically anything) - We are always accepting donations of things that could serve as set pieces/props, if you think you have some treasures to donate please email us at WanderingDonations@gmail.com