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Viewpoints Training Workshops

To reserve a spot in one of our Training sessions please email WanderingReservations@gmail.com

Intro to Viewpoints

This 2 day Training Workshop is meant for actors who are new to this technique and who have never worked or trained in it.  This is an intensive introduction to the physical Viewpoints and is a two day workshop (there will be a 1 hour lunch break each session).  Price: $125

October 10th & 11th  10am-6pm

November 7th & 8th  10am-6pm

Intermediate Viewpoints 

This Training Workshop is meant for actors who have touched upon the Viewpoints in their academic journey or in a rehearsal room, but who have not had intensive training in the technique.  This is a full day intensive workshop.  Price: $60

October 28th  10am-6pm

November 11th  10am-6pm

Viewpoint Intensives

Coming Soon!

Viewpoints: Audition Techniques

Viewpoints: Tempo Intensive

Viewpoints: Unison Action Intensive

Viewpoints: Shape & Gesture Intensive

Viewpoints: Character Development