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*Upcoming Auditions*

The Trial of Mrs. Surratt

Auditions for our upcoming production of Lanie Robertson's “The Trial of Mrs. Surratt” will be in January of 2019!  (Actors who know how to play the Banjo, Mandolin or Violin are strongly encouraged to apply

“The Trial of Mrs. Surratt” is a new play with music by Broadway playwright Lanie Robertson (“Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill”), which has never been produced or published before. This production is a Workshop Production with the potential for an Off-Broadway/Broadway transfer. This play is a surreal, historical exploration of the trial and final days of Mary Surratt, the first woman to be executed by the U.S. government.  Mary’s crime? She owned and operated a boarding house that John Wilkes Booth and conspirators frequented, in addition to her son’s close friendship with Booth. The play bends time, jumping back and forth from the daily lives of the characters leading up to Lincoln’s assassination, to the trial itself.  The sound of the piece is modern Appalachian Folk with strong harmonies, banjo, mandolin, violin, tambourine and natural percussions. The songs in the play are all old historic Civil War battle hymns, which we have completely re-arranged and re-imagined.

Our Workshop Production of Lanie Robertson’s “The Trial of Mrs. Surratt” will have a Limited Engagement Off-Off Broadway run for 15 performances May 4th-19that the Flamboyan Theater at The Clemente Arts Center. 

We are currently casting Non-Union actors; all actors must be willing to sign a non-union contract with the company.  A very small artist stipend is provided at the end of the process as a thank you.  If transferred Off-Broadway/Broadway, a new Union contract will be negotiated with pay.  

Rehearsals will begin on January 27th.  Rehearsals are 4-5 days a week, based on the ensemble’s availability.

**Please note that this is an Ensemble movement piece, ALL actors will be on stage for the entire performance living life as their character.**

Character Breakdowns:

Mary Surratt - (Female, 48) Devout Catholic mother of three, proud Southerner.  Mary is pious, kind, hard working, resourceful and maternal.  Brown hair or must be willing to dye brown. Title Speaking role, no singing required for this role.

Anna Surratt - (Female, 22, Alto w/Upper Register Ability) Daughter of Mary Surratt.  Alto w/Upper Register ability [think vocal quality of Sarah Jarosz).   Anna is sweet, delicate, naive but becomes strong, well mannered and behaved, yet curious.  She has a crush on John Wilkes Booth.  Brown hair or must be willing to dye brown.  Speaking Role with vocal music solo and vocal harmonies.

Honora Fitzpatrick - (Female, early 20s, Soprano) Boarder at the Surratt Boarding House and friends with Anna Surratt. MUST PLAY THE VIOLIN (folk style).  Sweet, kind and well mannered.  Physical non-speaking role, vocal duet, harmonies and melodic accompaniment.

Edwin Stanton - (Male, 50s)  Lincoln's Secretary of War, organized the manhunt for Lincoln's killer, intense , harsh, stern, military man, unreasonable and patriarchal. Lead Speaking role , no singing required.

General Holt - (Male, 50s)  U.S. Army Officer, Judge Advocate General during the Lincoln assassination trials, calculating, Heavier set - loves to eat. He can flip a switch from fun and light hearted to extremely cold and harsh. Lead Speaking role, no singing required.

Frederick Aiken - (Male, 30s, Baritone.)  Mary Surratt's young lawyer.  Idealistic, law abiding, a hard worker, smart, quick witted and passionate. Grows to believe Mary's innocence and fights for her freedom. Lead Speaking Role and vocal harmonies.

Johnny Surratt - (Male, 21, Tenor/Baritone.)  Son of Mary Surratt and brother of Anna.  Confederate, ex-seminary student, young, passionate, Masculine- but secretly in love with John Wilkes Booth.  A suspected conspirator with Booth in Lincoln assassination plot and former classmate of Louis Weichmann.  Speaking role, featured solo singer and vocal harmonies.

John Wilkes Booth - (Male, 27, Baritone.)  Well known stage actor of the time, devastatingly handsome, extremely charismatic and suave, very flirtatious with Everyone (male & female), persuasive, charming, masculine, a patriot, a confederate and an extremist. Actor must be able to grow a mustache and have dark hair or be willing to dye hair. Speaking role and a featured singer - Actor must be okay with kissing a male onstage.   

Louis Weichmann - (Male, 23, Tenor.)   Boarder at the Surratt Boarding House and friend of Johnny Surratt.  An observer, uptight and complex. Harbors secret feelings for Johnny Surratt.  Chief witness in the trial of Mrs. Surratt - He betrays the family.  Speaking role and a featured singer - Actor must be okay with kissing a male actor onstage. 

John Mathews - (Male, 30, Tenor.)  An actor in Booth's acting troupe. Witty, comedic and sly.  Testifies at the trial of Mrs. Surratt.  Speaking role and vocal harmonies.

Ned Spangler - (Male,  30s/40s, Bass.)  ABILITY TO PLAY THE BANJO IS A HUGE PLUS, but not mandatory. Stagehand in Booth's acting troupe, who enjoys to drink; Was tried for Conspiracy for holding Booth's horse outside Ford's Theater. Tall/Heavier Build preferred.  Speaking Role and vocal harmonies.

Col. Conger - (Male,  30s, Baritone.)  High ranking Union solider, firm, harsh, very assertive and aggressive, strong and fearful presence.  Speaking role and vocal harmonies.

Union Soldier/Guard - (Male, 30s, Bass)  Small speaking role and vocal harmonies.

Little Confederate Drummer Boy - (Tenor/Alto)  Male or Female actor okay to play this role of a young boy. Must be short/have a small build to resemble a child. Character plays single drum that he carries wrapped around him. Physical non-speaking role and vocal harmonies.

Troupe Actor #1 - (Male, 20s/30s, Baritone.) An actor in Booth's acting troupe. Non-speaking physical role and vocal harmonies.

Troupe Actor #2 - (Male, 20s/30s, Baritone or Tenor.) MUST PLAY THE MANDOLIN. An actor in Booth's acting troupe. Non-Speaking Physical role, vocal harmonies and melodic accompaniment.

Union Soldier #2 - (Male, 20s/30s, Bass)  Non-Speaking Physical role and vocal harmonies.

Confederate Soldier #1 - (Male, 20s/30s, Baritone) MUST PLAY BANJO. Physical Non-Speaking role, vocal harmonies and melodic accompaniment.

Confederate Soldier #2 - (Male, 20s/30s, Bass)  Ability to play the Banjo or Mandolin a plus.  Physical Non-Speaking role, vocal harmonies and melodic accompaniment.

Audition Information

Auditions are group call auditions; be prepared to stay for the entire two and a half hour session. Auditions will consist of group ensemble Viewpoint exercises, a Group vocal singing call, and a side reading. Come with an open mind, excited energy, positive thoughts, and ready to move.  

For the Group singing call: No preparation necessary; come willing to work with the music director in this brief ensemble singing call. 

Those interested in solo singing roles: Prepare a one-minute a cappella or self-accompanied folk piece of your choosing. Think traditional American, Appalachian, hymn style. Don't stress, make it your own; casting personnel are looking for naturalistic voices; don't let any lack of previous singing experience hold you back.

 For an audition appointment, send your headshot/resume and your first and second choices for audition time slots (remember you are needed for the full two and a half hour audition) to WanderingAuditions@gmail.com. Casting personnel will respond with a confirmation email with further audition information.

Audition Slots:

Sunday January 13th  1:00-3:30pm

Sunday January 13th 6:00-8:30pm

Monday January 14th 7:00-9:30pm

Tuesday January 15th 7:00-9:30pm

Wednesday January 16th 1:00-3:30pm

Wednesday January 16th 6:00-8:30pm

**1st Round of Callbacks will be on Thursday January 17th. Final Callbacks will be on Sunday January 20th**